7 Ways Wooden Chopping Boards Are Recyclable

Wooden chopping boards are great and last for many years with washing and care, and are used for different purposes including chopping up vegetables and cheese platters.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Recycle Your Chopping Board:

When your old chopping board has seen it’s day and is extremely worn and tired, you are able to recycle it for sure!

A few ways is by turning a old chopping board into a :
Serving Tray
Hanging Wall Planter
Tablestand or Cookbook

This is a few you can start with. In this article we will go over how to recycle your chopping board and ideas you can use to re purpose your cutting board.

If your board is completely worn out we do speak about how to dispose of it too. Check it out!

Are Wooden Chopping Boards Recyclable?

Wooden chopping boards can be recycled and be reused again to serve for another succession of different products.

When you recycle them, the volume of the wood will reduce the need to go and harvest virgin woods from the forests.

For this reason, and when you combine with manufacturing technologies and product designs, you may be in a position to deliver low-carbon products in the market without destroying the forest reserve for wood to create these products.

From a financial and environmental care standpoint, it makes a lot of sense to recycle your wooden cutting boards, and it can last for decades or even for an entire life.

Recycling your cutting board helps to preserve the forest cover and reduce pollution due to waste burning.

When your wooden cutting board develops rough grooves, which appear challenging to smoothen them out or become excessively worn out. It would be best if you recycle them.

What Can I Do With Old Wooden Cutting Boards?

Your wooden cutting boards are crucial tools that you need in the kitchen besides the knives.

However, after using them for long, they may reach the end of their sanitary life and become a source of bacteria manifestation. You can then turn them into other use for these unique ways.

(I)Table Stand or Cookbook: You can decide to keep your old cutting board in your kitchen by adding a few simple upcycled. Make with it a handy stand to use for holding your cookbook when your hands will be busy rolling, chopping, and tossing.

(II)Hanging Wall Planter: You can use your old cutting board to form a base where you will be hanging your wall planter to avoid having to drill numerous holes in your to prop up your favourite plants.

It will serve you well in the stacking of sphagnum moss and create some desirable indoor greenery.

(III)Chalkboard: you can upcycle your old chopping board to create a chalkboard to use for noting down your weekly to-do list. You can do this by adding a rusting flair to your board.

(IV)Serving Tray: You can apply different simple ways to turn your old chopping board into a suitable serving tray. Add some handle to it. You can use metal, ropes, or wood for this purpose.

Then clean the board thoroughly and sanitize properly to kill all germs and bacteria before you begin to use it for serving food. If you are worried about your food safety, you can use it to hold lined cupcakes and cocktail glasses

(IV)Breadboard Shelf: Turn your old chopping board into a breadboard shelf using some screw, paint it well. It will look great to be used to hold anything that can fill the created bracket with it. It can also keep a small figurine or a plant.

(V)Stenciled Board: You can upcycle your chopping board to create with it a sign for your small business.

Then you can hang it on the window and write your favorite quote or saying on it or any other reasonable sketch out that you feel will suit your customers.

(VI)Themed Quote Cutting Board: If you have a kitschy old cutting board shaped like an animal or a different object. Please try staining it and then stenciling it with a quote that can be relevant to make it appear like a faux vintage and still amuse people who will see it.

(VII)Tool Candy: Another way to turn your old chopping board into something useful is to create a tool candy with it.

You can then use it for your existing tools, makeup brushes, art supplies, and garden tools. It will hold everything you place in it correctly.

(VIII)Cutting Board Note Clip: To turn your old cutting board into a cutting board for clipping notes, consider fastening a horizontal binder clip at the top center position on one side of the panel where you will be pinching your notes to it.

Just like the clipboard, you can use your new form clipboard for other duties as well.

(IX)Kitchen Gadget Wall Art: Another proper function you can turn your old cutting board into something useful is to create a base piece to form a theme abstract for your kitchen artwork.

It would be best to gather any component of an old tool you no longer use and scatter it on the wood surface and the edges. The end product will be whacky and appealing.

(X)Cutting Board TV Shelf: Building a small shelf on top of your TV unit can be another great idea to unicycle your old wooden cutting board.

This piece will give you more storage space to keep other electronics, game systems, and DVDs.you can make it more appealing by attaching some spare shelf legs on the bottom parts.

(XI)Personalized cutting Board gift: You can turn your old chopping board into an excellent homemade gift and present it to any person you love, like brothers, fathers, sister’s teachers, and more.

You can customize your lettering on it and hot glued them to the board to fit any message you want to appreciate them.

When Should You Throw Out A Wooden Cutting Board?

The moment you notice your wooden cutting board has completely worn out or it has developed some grooves on it which are hard to clean. It is advised by USDA to consider throwing them away.

Some cleaning gurus advise that once you have used your cutting board for over twelve months, they will start to harbor a high number of bacteria and disgusting germs on the surface. It would be best if you considered replacing them.

When your wooden cutting is broken, they will become concerned for your safety in the kitchen since using sharp knives on such a board can be dangerous. Here is a good article on how wooden chopping boards bend.

At the same time, when they develop deep holes, they will hold in water and keep germs and bacteria. These germs can be transferred to your food subsequently when you continue to use this worn-outboard and cause severe illness or food poisoning.

The majority of wooden boards are made using several laminated pieces of wood. When these laminated pieces begin to wear out, they will start separating from the seam areas.

Those seams may become breeding ground for bacteria to hide, do not hesitate to through such old cutting boards when they start to separate from the seam.

Can Bamboo Chopping Boards Be Recycled?

Yes, you can recycle your bamboo chopping board. After using your chopping for some time, it will appear worn out and start to have rough surfaces, worn out, and crack.

When you notice these changes taking place, it would be best to consider recycling it out because, at this time, sanitizing and scrubbing your board to use will not be enough.

It will need change to use it for another purpose other than to put your food at risk.

How Long Should You Keep A Wooden Cutting Board?

On average, your piece of wooden cutting board can serve you for a maximum of four to seven years.

However, this period may depend on various factors such as the materials used, the brand and the quality of your board ,and how often you use your board in the kitchen.

It is advisable to replace your board yearly, but if you are taking good care of them to the extent that they still look new and don’t have any issues, they can serve you for many years.

However, when your board begins to develop cracks and grooves unsafe for your food, consider replacing them immediately to avoid complications and food contamination.

Therefore, replace them before you become sorry and regretful.

When you take good care of your cutting board, it can last for over seven years.

Proper maintenance to your board includes seasoning it, ensuring it remains dry after use, cleaning it whenever you finish using it, and storing it in the correct place.

How To Dispose Of The Wood Cutting Board?

A wooden cutting board can resist bacteria better than a plastic cutting board when you have a wooden cutting board.

However, the laminated types are challenging to clean properly. When they develop cracks or grooves

Wooden cutting falls under organic items. Recycling them for other functional purposes and preserving the forest cover would be best when they can no longer serve their purpose.

They can also be recycled into mulch to fit for landscaping or turned to create paper and use as fuel.

When the board is still in good shape, you can donate them to other people who could need them to serve them in other uses.

When they are not in good condition for use, break them down into small chips or sawdust and use them for garden purposes as bedding for your small pets.

Additionally, you can keep them to use during the cold season to burn them in your fireplace or wood-burning stove to keep your house warm.

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