Are Wooden Or Metal Chopsticks Better?

Chopsticks have been used for centuries in many cultures, especially in Asia. China, Korea and Japan are the most common places for using chopsticks.

Are Wooden or Metal Chopsticks better?

Both Wooden and Metal Chopsticks both have good and bad features, so really you could use either.

If you are passionate about the environment then wooden chopsticks are better as they are biodegradable. However the downside of wooden chopsticks are that they are more difficult to clean compared to Metal Chopsticks.

We will thoroughly go through both types of chopsticks and compare the benefits of both for you. Also giving our recommendations for you to check out.

Are Wooden Or Metal Chopsticks Better?

The invention of chopsticks dates back to 3000 BC in China, and the country is still one of the biggest consumers.

However, Japanese and Korean people also use chopsticks in their traditional cuisine. In Japan alone, there are about 25 billion pairs sold every year.

For such a common utensil, it’s hard to believe that there isn’t much knowledge on which materials are better for eating food.

Wooden or metal chopsticks? Which ones should you choose?

The answer may surprise you: neither! It’s important to realize that both can be used well and it really depends on your personal preference and what kind of dishes you like to eat.

Metal Chopsticks

Metal chopsticks were first used around the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) in China. They are usually made of stainless steel, tin alloy, or nickel-silver alloy.

Such materials are not only durable but also provide a better grip than wooden utensils do. There have been cases of people using silver metal utensils to carry tea leaves with hot water for easy filtering out later on.


  • Easy to use and functional. You can pick up food easily and they don’t break.
  • Durable and long lasting; metal chopsticks can be washed in a dishwasher without risk of damage.
  • It’s easier to pick out bones from meat with metal chopsticks than it is with wood ones, which could cause choking.


  • Metal utensils are not that environmentally friendly because they’re non-biodegradable when thrown away.
  • Less hygienic since they are harder to wash thoroughly by hand, especially if you eat fried foods often

Wooden Chopsticks

Wooden chopsticks originated in China during the Neolithic era (10500 BC – 4000BC). The earliest types of chopsticks were made with tree branches that had been stripped of their bark. They are lightweight, smooth, and durable when cared for properly.


  • Wood is biodegradable, so they’re better for our environment if you don’t have access to a dishwasher.
  • It’s easier to pick out bones from fish or meat with wooden utensils than it is with metal ones, which could cause choking.


  • Wooden chopsticks are harder to clean because food might stay stuck in the rounded tip Comparison Of Choosing A Chopstick Material. Here is a article on how to clean a pair of wooden chopsticks.

Wooden vs. Metal Chopsticks

Both have pros and cons depending on your needs.

If you want something that will last forever over time, metal is the way to go. If you want paper products that are biodegradable and easy to maintain in your daily life, then wooden chopsticks are the best fit. Either option will work just fine for your food needs.

Do Chinese People Use Wooden Or Metal Chopsticks?

In general, wooden chopsticks are used to eat Northern Chinese food, while metal chopsticks are used in Southern dishes.

In Beijing and Shanghai, people tend to use wood utensils more often because they’re known for their northern cuisine.

This is the reason why restaurants in these regions typically provide customers with wooden chopsticks made from birch or bamboo.

In Hong Kong and Guangzhou where Cantonese cooking reigns supreme, metal chopsticks are the most common utensil of choice.

Do Korean People Use Wooden Or Metal Chopstick?

Korean people typically use metal chopsticks.

It’s not the same case in Japan, but in Korea it is more common to eat with metal utensils than wooden ones.

Do Japanese People Use Wooden Or Metal Chopstick?

The majority of traditional dishes in Japan are eaten with the famous disposable wooden chopsticks called ‘waribashi.’

However, there are special sets that can be used for food like sushi or sashimi. These types of set tend to be made out of wood because they’re not disposable and need less care than regular cooking utensils do.

What Are The Best 3 Best Wooden Set Of Chopsticks?

LAIB Japanese Wooden Chopsticks (Set of 5)

These set of five chopsticks are made out of wood and bamboo and come with a convenient case for easy storage and to keep them from sticking together. The design is simple, but they’re durable and feel great in your hands after extended use.

Disposable Chopsticks (Pack of 40)

These Japanese-style chopsticks are made out of wood and bamboo, making them biodegradable after throwing them away. They come in a pack of 40 pair with their own case for easy storage, which makes them great to keep around the house or work for when guests are over.

Royal Premium Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks

These chopsticks are disposable and made to last for a shorter amount of time, but they’re perfect for gatherings or to use with take out food. They come in 100 pair that are connected together, which makes it easy to keep track of how many you have left. You can throw them away easily without nicking yourself on the sharp ends like you could with metal utensils.

What Are The Best 3 Best Metal Set Of Chopsticks

Metal Chopsticks Set of 5

These metal chopsticks are made out of stainless steel and come in a set of 5 with their own case to keep them together when not in use. They’re comfortable to hold, lightweight, and perfect for fine dining or entertaining guests at your home.

Devico Chopsticks Metal Chopsticks Set of 5

These stylish metal chopsticks are perfect for people who want more than just a disposable set of utensils. They come in sets of five and have a hole on the upper end so you can keep them hooked together when not in use.

Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopsticks 5 Pack

These stainless steel chopsticks are durable, comfortable to hold, and easy to clean. They come in a pack of ten pair with their own case for storage, which makes them wonderful for everyday use or as party favors for your upcoming gatherings.

In the end, whether you choose metal or wooden chopsticks, both will give you a wonderful dining experience! No matter what type of utensils they’re made out of, it’s all in what you prefer in your hands. When people feel comfortable in their hands with the utensil in front of them then that is when they can really fully appreciate and focus on the meal.

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