5 Ways Wooden Drink Coasters Work Well

Wooden coasters are a popular choice as a drink holder because of presentation, look and function. This is why you see so many of these in people’s homes worldwide! But why does a drink coaster work well?

Here Is Why Wooden Drink Coasters Work Well:

There are five main reasons why wooden drink coasters work well in your home, this consists of:

Protecting against ring marks on your table
Wood absorbs heat from the drink really well
Wood absorbs water
Wood is long lasting and good quality

If you are thinking of using a wooden coaster it is important to know why they are the best choice, and we have listed in detail below why they are top notch. Thanks for reading.

Ways Wooden Drink Coasters Work Well

They Protect the Table Against Ring Marks

Ring marks can appear on table surfaces for a number of reasons: moisture, heat, spilled liquid from inside the mug.

After ring marks have appeared, it’s tricky to get rid of them because heat can burn the marks into your table and liquid can be absorbed and cause staining and discoloration. Luckily, wooden drink coasters are a great defence against these ring marks.

Wood is a thick enough material to keep any liquid or heat from seeping through and damaging your table. Unlike other types of coasters, wood is also strong enough that the ring shape at the bottom of your mug won’t sink into the coaster and potentially reach the table beneath.

Ring marks are one of the easiest ways to damage a table, especially with hot drinks, so using wooden coasters is the perfect form of protection.

They Absorb Heat From The Cup Or Mug

As well as causing ring marks, heat from a cup or mug containing a hot drink can also damage a table by scorching or burning it.

Wooden tables in particular will show the effects of direct heat on their surfaces, so you’ll need something to protect them. Wooden coasters will prevent the heat emitting from the bottom of your hot cup or mug from reaching the table.

Even better, wood has poor heat transfer qualities, so your coasters should cool off quickly. Most wooden coasters are marketed as ‘heatproof’, so they’ll be safe to use on any tables that you own and will reliably protect them from being marked by the effects of heat.

You might notice some ring or burn marks developing on the coasters themselves over time from use, but none of the heat that causes these marks will seep through the coasters to the table underneath.

They Absorb Water

Some tables, such as glass tables, can be easily cleaned of any spilled liquid; however, this isn’t the case for other materials, like wood.

Luckily, your wooden coasters will absorb any water, moisture, or other liquid before it has a chance to touch your table. Spilled liquid can cause stains, water marks and dampness on the material of your table, so having a barrier in place is the easiest way to protect it.

A wooden coaster will catch and absorb any drips that might run down the side of your cup or mug. It will also catch small spillages, although you’ll need to clean up any large spillages, such as if you knock your cup over, as soon as possible to prevent the liquid from causing damage.

You might notice the effects of drips and spillages on your wooden drink coasters over time.

These effects can start to soften, warp or crack the wood as they erode it, but wood is a durable material that will absorb a lot of water before it actually starts to show damage. Once your wooden drink coasters have been eroded quite a bit, you should look into purchasing some new ones.

Wood is Better Than Other Materials

Wood is a great material to use for drink coasters because it is thick, strong, durable and can take high amounts of liquid and heat before the damage becomes noticeable.

You can use wooden coasters to prevent hot mugs from burning your table, but they are also useful for creating a barrier between cold drinks and the table too. You should always remember that it’s easy to spill some liquid no matter the drink you have, so using a wooden coaster will provide a stable surface for your cup to rest on.

One popular material for drink coasters is fabric, which looks nice but isn’t as practical as wood. When fabric coasters become soaked in liquid, it will start to seep onto the table too. Fabric coasters are also not thick enough to reliably protect your table from the effects of high heat.

Paper coasters are another common option, but they suffer from the same potential problems as fabric coasters.

When paper coasters get wet, they start to soften and tear, which affects their ability to protect the table underneath them. Some paper coasters are made to be thick, but others are too thin to reliably protect surfaces from heat.

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