5 Ways Wooden Bath Mats Work Better Than Rugs (Explained)

Showering and bathing is something as human beings we do on a daily basis, and hopping out of the shower or bath onto a mat. If you use a rug a few times it can start to get soggy which is not that nice.

Here Is Why Wooden Bath Mats Work Better:

Wooden bath mats absorb water so they are more hygienic than using a rug. They are also easy to clean and look great in your bathroom. So really it is a great overall choice!

We will be discussing the purpose of the wooden bath mat, the 5 great benefits it will have for your bathroom, and why it is better than a cloth (rug) one.

What Is The Purpose Of The Wooden Bath Mat?

Wooden bath mats will serve you the same purpose you used to enjoy with your made cloth bath mat, but you will enjoy more benefits. Therefore your place will be more hygienic.

(I)Natural Water-resistant:

It is never a good feeling when you step out of the bathroom after a nice shower and directly your feet land on a cold, spongy bath mat. All these feelings can go away when you have a wooden bath mat. It does not retain water like the cloth mat. Therefore, you will enjoy more comfort on your feet.

A wooden bath mat will also keep away unwanted microorganisms to find a breeding ground in your bathroom area.

(II)Easy to Clean:

: If you want a doormat that is easy to clean, look no further than wooden bath mats. Most of them available in the market don’t need maintenance at all. Cleaning them requires just a material to wipe them down.

When you compare them to other doormats like cloth bath mats that need a washing machine and appropriately dry, they require so much maintenance, which can be painful. Because of that, you will not clean them occasionally. And this isn’t a good fit for your bathroom. You can clean your wooden doormat anytime and any day.

(III)Elevated to Promote Evaporation:

Most wooden bath mats are elevated off the floor. Therefore, when an excess falls on its surface, it can evaporate faster and drip through the rigid spaces.

Unfortunately, other types of doormat materials, such as cloth bath mats, when water drips in them, become saturated after trapping all the available moisture inside the fabric that will require proper drying for them to leave. This is why they attract molds and bacteria because they love such an environment.

(IV)Minimalistic look and feel:

Wooden bath mat can create a perfect look and a more peaceful feeling at your home. You can create an instant Japanese onsen vibe when you bring this addition to your bathroom door. Therefore, bringing a whole new vibe and peaceful atmosphere to your home.

With their natural tone, wooden doormats are elegant, simple, and can match flawlessly with any color palette in the surrounding.

(V)Sustainable and Functional décor:

Generally, wooden bath mats are made from solid wood, naturally strong, and durable. Therefore, it will serve you for years before you consider replacing it when you purchase one.

When you compare it to cloth mats, especially those with thin materials, they wear out quickly, especially when washed using a machine or often to keep them clean.

(VII)Stand Up bacteria:

Most wooden bath mats are made with Bactria, mold, and mildew repellant timbers. The vanish used to give them a perfect finish will not give room for this microorganism to survive because they will be no wet surface remaining after finishing your shower.

Some timbers also have natural antibacterial properties. As a result, chances of bacterial manifestation will be reduced, and your home will avoid diseases that come when these disease-creating elements infest your home.

How Do Wooden Bath Mats Work?

Stepping out of a bathroom with wet feet can be dangerous because the floor can get extremely slippery from the water dripping on your feet, which can lead to unexpected injuries. This is where wooden bath mats may come in handy.

The purpose of having a wooden bath mat is to ensure that as you step from a good shower, it will provide you with an anti-slip surface outside your bathroom door.

Wooden bath mats also ensure that the excess water dripping from your feet will leak through the wooden planks and evaporate quickly to prevent a moisture environment for molds and bacteria to find a good place for surviving. Therefore, your bathroom will be dry and mildew-free.

Wooden bath mats are also necessary because they ensure that your bathroom space remains more hygienic. The presence of mold, mildew, and bacteria can accumulate with moisture content on the floor.

You can also use a wooden bath mat when considering a camping shower or an outdoor shower. Since they are always raised off the ground, it is a great way to keep your feet off the ground and out of the dirt reach.

You can create a safe bathroom environment and a non-slip area to step out of when you are done showering using a wooden bath mat. It entails fixing their lower parts with genuine rubber that will not sleep. When your rug is appropriately glued and screwed, it becomes durable and can serve for many years to come.

An added use of a wooden bath mat is the feeling you will get from the wood. Some timber used is soft and absorbent. When you step on them, you will feel luxurious under your feet.

They may be more complex than cloth bath mats, but once you get used to them, you will feel great when you stand on them. They will be no more bending over to pick them like cloth mats.

Why Are Wooden Mats Better Than Cloth?

(a)Absorb water:

Most wooden bath mats are elevated off the floor and have spaces between the wooden slats to allow excess coming from your feet when you step from your bathroom to evaporate quickly and stop it from sopping wet. A wooden mat will also not retain water.

On the other hand, a cloth mat will remain water. The fabric has a smooth surface that traps water and retains all the moisture that comes into contact inside. When they trap water, it can’t get out quickly, creating a perfect room for bacterial mildew to survive.

(b)Stop Bacteria and Mold:

Research findings by the American Society for Microbiology indicate that studies done on cloth bath mats show that they are excellent places where bacteria thrive and breed. They are made using a plush texture that is soft and comfy on your feet when you step on them.

Therefore, they will retain water when you leave your bathroom, creating a perfect atmosphere for bacteria and mold to breed and flourish.

Wooden bath mats, such as those made using bamboo or teak, are treated with anti-mildew and anti-mold varnishes. Some wood contains natural varnishes in them. For instance, cedar has an innate ability to repel mildew and mold, which makes them a perfect fit to use in a wet area like bathroom doors.

(c) Less Slippery:

Another reason to choose a wooden bath over a cloth mat is it is created with rubber feet to prevent slippage on the floor when your legs are slippery. The wood used to make them is not lightweight to encourage sleeping on the floor.

On the other hand, cloth mats can move and creep when you step out of the bathroom. The movement of a rug can occur regardless of its size and weight. The smaller size made of thin fabric can display the most drifting, and when your legs are wet when you want to dry them, you can slide.

(d) Doesn’t Hold Bad Smells:

Because of the nature of the materials used to make wooden bath mats, they are unlikely to resist water naturally. As a result, they will not get wet, dumpy, and attract microorganisms, bringing rot around your bathroom and developing a nasty smell.

Some wooden bath mats like those made from cedar can create a wonderful aroma in your house. This type of wood has a natural scent that when you come out of the bathroom with wet feet and step on them, their natural scent will be charged constantly.

The ability of the pieces of timber used to make wooden bath mats to resist mold and mildew is crucial. It prevents foul odors. Even those that can’t resist mold and mildew can be treated.

On the other hand, cloth bath mats are spongy and fluffy, and when you rub your feet to dry them, they absorb water, get stuffy, and will not release the absorbed water quickly unless you take them out to dry. This encourages dampness, creating smells and a breeding ground for microorganisms to survive.

(e)Easy to clean:

Maintaining a wooden bath mat is the simplest of a cloth bath mat. Most wooden bath mats don’t require maintenance, or the ones that do will only be minimal.

When you want to clean your wooden bath mat to remove the dirt and water from its surface, you will require a wet piece of cloth to wipe your mat down.

In contrast, it gets dirty when you have a cloth bath mat, which often happens because of its material nature. It requires machine washing to ensure that it is clean.

It would be best to dry it regularly because it always absorbs a lot of water which can be a tedious activity and a considerable pain.

The increased maintenance work that requires makes it inconvenient and will lead you to avoid cleaning, which is not a good idea for your health or your bathroom as it will attract molds and bacteria.

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