7 Reasons Why Wooden Hangers Are Better Than Metal

Wooden hangers are used because of their quality and functionality they bring to your wardrobe. There are a lot of great benefits to using a wooden hanger in your wardrobe instead of metal.

Here Is Why Wooden Hangers Are Better Than Metal:

Wooden hangers are better at supporting clothes, repel moths, don’t bend and many more. It is really a good idea to swap if you haven’t used one before now.

Through out this article we are going to detail the 7 benefits of using a wooden hanger over a metal one. I am sure you will find this information useful and helpful.

Why Wooden Hangers Are Better Than Metal?

Hangers come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. Two of the most popular materials for hangers are wood and metal, with wooden hangers being the better choice for multiple reasons. Metal hangers are much more easily damaged, either by the clothes themselves or other external factors.

Wood, on the other hand, is a very tough material, though wooden hangers are designed to be gentle to the garments hanging on them. Wooden hangers will maintain their condition excellently through the years, whereas the lifetime of a metal hanger is less guaranteed.

If you are looking to purchase new hangers for your closet, you should look for some high-quality wooden hangers, and there are seven reasons in particular for why they are the superior choice.

Prevents Shoulder Bumps

One of the most annoying things that comes with hanging up and storing clothes in a closet is the bumps and creases that can appear.

Shoulder bumps are one of the most persistent creasing problems because items can end up bunched up at the shoulders to prevent them from slipping off the hangers. Luckily, wood is not a slippery material like metal is, so your clothes will be better supported without needing to be bunched up.

Lots of wooden hangers also have small idents on them to help clothes sit comfortably at their full diameter.

Those days of scrunching, twisting, or tucking your clothes around the hangers to help them stay up will be gone. The best wooden hangers for preventing shoulder bumps are the extra-wide design, which are perfect for broader items of clothing.

Wooden hangers aren’t slippery, but they are smooth enough that you can sweep them under your clothes and then hang them up without needing to force the hanger through the clothes.

If you do this, you could stretch out the neckline of a garment, or you could cause even worse shoulder bumps by trying to hang too much fabric on one hanger.

Wooden hangers will support your clothes without them slipping off or needing to be adjusted constantly, the latter of which is one of the biggest reasons why shoulder bumps form.

Repels Moths

Unfortunately, moths can be a common problem when it comes to clothes because they are attracted to the materials. A moth infestation is the last thing you want in your closet, especially if you have precious items that you don’t want damaged or getting holes.

You might not think that the material of your hangers has anything to do with repelling moths, but wooden hangers are actually excellent for this exact purpose.

The smells of some popular clothing materials, such as wool and cashmere, are attractive to moths and prompt them to try and lay their eggs on the garments.

Hanging your clothes on wooden hangers will help to mask the scent of the clothes and discourage moths from laying their eggs on them. If the moths do not lay any eggs, there is no opportunity for larvae to hatch and then start eating away at the delicate fibers, creating holes.

Cedar wood hangers are the most effective choice of all wooden hangers for repelling moths and protecting your clothes. Cedar wood has a distinctive scent that works excellently to combat the problem of moths being able to smell your clothes, though plenty of other woods can also work well.

If you’ve ever been plagued by moths in your closet, you’ll know how frustrating the problem can be, so purchasing some wood hangers as a quick fix will allow you to sit back, relax, and actually enjoy your clothes.

Doesn’t Bend

Wood is a strong and sturdy material, so you don’t need to worry about your wooden hangers bending and breaking.

If you put a ridiculous amount of weight on one hanger, you might notice it starting to strain, but a wooden hanger will be able to support a reasonable amount of weight without it showing at all.

Plastic hangers are one of the worst offenders for bending because they can’t support much weight at all, but wooden hangers don’t have that problem.

The hangers breaking isn’t the only possible consequence of them bending. If your hangers bend, the clothes can get creased more easily and fall off the hangers altogether. Wooden hangers are both sturdy and durable, so you can rely on them to hold up your clothes and keep them completely straight and uncreased.

Hangers are almost always quite reasonably priced, but needing to buy new hangers all the time because the ones you own have become damaged due to bending can get pricey.

Choosing wooden hangers for your closet will support both your clothes and your bank balance, leaving you with the peace of mind that your clothes are in the best condition possible.

Doesn’t Sweat In Humid Conditions

Humid conditions can be very bad for your clothes because they cause your closet to gather a lot more moisture, which can cause mold to grow on the clothes.

The hangers are also victims of excessive humidity and some materials can start to sweat, dampening the clothes. Another benefit of choosing wooden hangers is that wood is a temperature-neutral material, so it won’t suffer the problem of sweating.

Metal and aluminium are materials that start to sweat and rust in humid conditions, so they can be very bad for your clothes if you live in a place that is prone to hot weather.

In extreme heat, plastic can start to soften or even melt, so you might want to steer clear of plastic hangers too and choose wooden hangers instead. Wood is one material that you can be sure won’t sweat or attract moisture to your clothes, leaving them dry and fresh as they hang inside your closet.

Support Heavier Items

Wood is naturally a strong material, though it can be argued that metal is quite strong too. However, metal coat hangers are very thin and easy to bend, so they are impractical for hanging heavier items on.

Plenty of items, including coats, suits, jeans, and wool jumpers, can be very heavy, and if your hangers are too weak to support them, you’ll end up with a disorganized closet full of creased garments.

Wooden hangers are usually thick and broad, making them perfect for those larger, heavier items that need extra support. Lots of luxury clothing items, such as formal suits or evening dresses, are sold on wooden hangers because they are able to support the clothes well.

Your clothes won’t sag or slip off wooden hangers, and you won’t need to spend extra time, effort and money purchasing new hangers because the old ones have broken due to inadequately supporting heavy clothing items.

You’ll also be able to keep all your clothes hung up together in your closet, no matter how much they weigh.

Lots of people tend to leave their heavy coats and jackets slung about the house because they are too heavy to be put on a hanger in the closet with the rest of the clothes, so wooden hangers are the solution to that messy inconvenience.

If every item of clothing can be hung up neatly on a hanger, you’ll be left with less clutter and more shelf and drawer space free for other household items.

Wider in Size

The broadness of wooden hangers makes them perfect for hanging any clothing item at all on. You won’t have to worry about garments with wide necklines, slippery textures, or extra weight sliding off the hangers or having stress put on them to stay in place.

In fact, wooden hangers are so wide and sturdy that you can hang multiple lighter items on them at once.

Wider hangers also mean that you can fold your trousers over them without them creasing or getting bunched up inside the closet.

The wider your hangers, the easier it is to hang all of your clothes up neatly next to each other, and wooden hangers are designed specifically to be wide and supportive. Wider hangers will help to keep your clothes in the best shape and condition possible because items will be able to hang at their full size.

Don’t Leave Rust Spots on Clothes

One thing that you can be 100% certain of with wooden hangers is that they won’t leave rust spots on your clothes. Metal and aluminium hangers have the potential to rust due to humidity, damp, and even just age. The worst thing about rust stains is that they are very difficult to get out of your clothes and they also smell unpleasant.

Rust also indicates that the condition of the hangers is deteriorating, which could mean that there are also some loose bits of metal that might snag on your clothes and damage them.

Wooden hangers are designed to be smooth and kind to clothes, and there is no chance of them rusting for any reason. Any loose bits of wood are easy to see, so you’ll be able to swap out your wooden hangers for new ones if you do notice that they gave become damaged.

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